26 April 2012

Percy JACKson

We've been counting down to a lot of things in our house, but Jack started counting down for his birthday LONG ago.  And even with all his reminders, I still don't think I could have pulled it off without a LOT of help!  Check out this cool banner my mom made... (which is now hanging in his room)

He chose a Percy Jackson theme, which seemed fitting since he's read all 5 books several times each. He can tell you more about Greek Gods than anyone I know.  This party was bound to be fun.  And, I'll just say it... crazy.

I was a little worried about the weather, and also the mix of kids.  We had kids from two different schools and a homeschooler, plus a mix of boys and girls.  I was so grateful this age is not "too cool" to play with whoever is available!  Jack assured me the girls were all "cool" girls and would have fun even if we were playing with swords, and he was right!  They were all awesome, and didn't hesitate to join in the fun.

So, Jack and his 11 closest friends (just realized one of the boys got cut off!) had a fantastic adventure at Copperton Park playing games, designing their own shields, eating yummy things, and completing a daring quest for Zeus' Bolt.

Jack says his favorite part was the quest.  I think it was my favorite to plan and carry out as well.  They started out finding their swords (that Jeff made just for them), then they had to search all over the park for puzzle pieces to piece together the next clue.  This was the one hiccup in the quest... there was one clue we didn't find until the end.  So, I did have to help them a bit with this step.

It says, "Once you've made these pieces one, do not stop, your quest's not done,
Look to the table for some gold, each must make payment young and old,
to the one who rules below,
in His cauldron, your payment throw."

They were awesome at figuring out each clue.  They grabbed the gold and looked all over for Hades' cauldron.  Jeff was a good Hades, and they all earned their next clue.  Jeff's disguise was made from black balloons.  Can't say he's not resourceful!

Overall, it was just a lot of craziness to me, but the kids had a blast and that's really all that mattered!  

Every time I am with Jack and his friends, I am so grateful for good friends.  I can only hope Jack will always choose good kids like this group!

And tonight, for his real birthday, he requested Lemon Fried Chicken, sausage, apples, and eggnog.  Who could have guessed?  We continued with the Camp Half-blood theme and did S'mores over the fire pit instead of cake.  It was a hit!  Happy 9th, JACK!

So, let the countdown to an even bigger event begin... our baby girl.  Pregnancy is going great.  Actually feeling better this week than I was a few weeks ago, so I'm grateful I can enjoy this fun time in our lives.  Although, I'd be lying if I didn't admit my arms are aching to hold her!

In case I haven't seen you in a while, here's a picture of what I look like almost 9 months pregnant.  Jane had to draw an "ig" picture.  She chose "BIG", meaning my BIG BELLY.  At least she specified that it was because I am having a baby!  And I thought she was a little reserved with my proportions.  I'm a lot, shall I say, rounder?  And the way my legs are just stumps... not too far off.  I used to call them feet.  Now they are full of water, ugh.  But, if that is what it takes to get my baby girl here, bring it on.  Someday, I will be able to see my ankle bones again, right?

Wish us luck!


Marilyn said...

Excited and happy for you Mindy! :) Good luck waiting for your sweet baby girl!

Adri said...

You win for mother of the century...a party like that when you are so very close to delivery is A-MAZ-ING! I sure wish Dallin and Jack lived closer so they could be buddies and share birthdays, etc.

Can't wait to hear about baby girl!

Kelly L said...

What an amazing party! Jack is a lucky boy to have such a fun and creative Mom . . . keep us up to date on baby girl's arrival, I'd love to help with whatever when she gets here!

Kami said...

You're the best mom, Mindy! Looks SO fun! What I wonder is...did you find egg nog this time of year? :) He's such a hoot, that Jack! Best of luck with the delivery. Can't wait to meet the tiniest Miss Hillman!

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