27 November 2011

Pinewood Derby

As far as I can tell, the Pinewood Derby is the height of the Scouting calendar. It did NOT disappoint!

Jack and Jeff worked on his car for several evenings spanning the weeks prior, and Jack was beside himself.

This picture was after a couple of races. He wasn't all smiles as he watched his car though, which made me wonder if he realized that he was winning each heat. He told me later he knew he was winning, but didn't dare hope to actually WIN.

We think Jane was his lucky charm. She quietly went to the kid's corner and made this sign for him. She's the best sister ever.

When WE realized that Jack might actually take the cake, we realized we'd only prepared him to be a good loser, not a gracious winner. (We'd heard too many stories of disappointment and tears!). Jeff ran over to brief him, and he was fine. I guess we need to have a little more faith next time. We knew he'd spent a lot of time and effort, but you just never know! There were some REALLY fast cars!

Jack was glowing all evening, and we were so happy that all his afternoons of sanding had paid off!

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KaraLyn said...

Nice job, Jack!!! Have you seen the video of Thomas' pinewood derby? Haha! (I think I posted it on my blog, but I'll give you the link.) He probably could have used a lesson on winning graciously. Richard spent a lot of time beforehand helping Thomas with his car. Okay, let's be honest, Richard let Thomas pick the paint color. ;) We ended up having to go out of town the night of the derby, so his Granddad went and recorded it for us. To say he was excited is an understatement! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNUwli9ty9A