18 January 2011

Lots of Locks

Said the mother, tired of split ends,
To her daughter with hair full of bends,

Our long hair we will doff,

Yes, we'll cut it all off,

And give it to our bald-headed friends.

Poem by Jeff.


Marilyn said...

You are both darling. And what a lovely poem. :)

Adri said...

Fun! I gave my hair to locks of love once, too. A fresh start AND a service...what could be better? And, you two look DARLING with your short do's

byufish said...

I loved your hair on Sunday!! And now I know why....continual amazement Mindy....that's the feeling I get when I read your blog.

Kami said...

Good for you! You guys are adorable no matter what length your hair is!

Fay said...

What a good reason to get a new shorter do, that's very cute by the way!