26 July 2010


Summer wasn't nearly long enough. Now with school starting, our slow days and spontaneous outings will start thinning out, until the holidays fill our calendars once again. Something I both look forward to and dread. We did have a fantastic summer though, and for the most part, stayed right here in Utah. Do we not live in a wonderful place?

Here are a few of our 2010 summer memories...

We hiked to Timpanogos cave and had a great time. The kids were surprisingly perky for the entire thing, and Alice loved her ride. We all decided we don't do nearly enough things like that. Something to work towards.

And Alice's close-up...

After the tour, the kids lingered and helped the geologists sort through dirt for a while. They were both completely fascinated.

Are these not the most tired, yet happiest hikers you've ever seen?

We LOVE Freedom Days in Provo. Definitely one of my favorite celebrations of the year. We enjoyed another great reptile show, crafts, bouncy toys, and cousins. These two are so sweet together.

Neither Jack nor Jane could leave without a wooden sword. Sometimes I wonder what Jane would be like without a big brother. She's such a fun mix this way.

We spent a couple of days in Rexburg visiting family and BYU-I campus before meeting the Hillmans in Island Park. We were excited to see Uncle Rand, but he may have regretted the visit the next day.

Aunt Jana made us feel so welcome, as always. We love how we feel in their home. We talked about buying an acre from them so we could live next door. Oh, the fun we could have.

Although, Rand might not love me after I make him sing me to sleep every night. Isn't that what neighbors do?

The kids loved the pools at the hotels. Although Alice enjoyed watching more than actually swimming.

Is she not the most precious thing you've ever seen?

We had a great visit with Grandma Max. One of my favorites, actually. I wish she lived closer.

The kids played for Grandma (or you could call it my cop-out on practicing for the day. Hey, they're playing, right?)

We attended a concert in Harriman State Park in conjunction with Mountains and Strings that I used to help with. It is the most gorgeous concert setting I've ever witnessed. We listened to Jenny Oaks Baker, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, and with plenty of room for the kids to listen and wander.

Oh, I love that place. Plus, Alice took her first steps during the concert. She's still working on it, but making progress!

Can you beat this view?

We've discovered the best dollar store item EVER. Jack and Jane spent hours in our backyard catching bugs, observing, and letting them go. (I love how Jane has her arm wrapped around Jack.)

I was even surprised to discover one day when they each had a friend over that the friends were playing together because Jack and Jane had decided to catch bugs together instead of play inside.

We love that we have ready-playmates right across the street. They've saved us many times when we need to switch things up a bit with the friend dynamic in our house. This day we just let them frolic through the sprinklers. Jack said this was "the best day ever". Really? All I need to do is turn the hose on? Done.

We enjoyed a Bankok ward gathering in Mapleton at our dear friend's home. It was fun to see so many families and catch up a bit. I've missed so many of our Thailand friends. Mary Jane has always been such a great friend, it was a treat to spend some time with her and her girls after not seeing them for a year.

Jack picked up right where he left off with the twins. They were wrestling, climbing trees, and eating all the desserts.

A few days ago, we were reflecting on our summer and Jack said, "Mom, what about our summer fun ideas envelope?". I checked the side of our fridge and sure enough, there was the envelope we had filled with ideas, coupons, free passes, etc in anticipation of summer break. How did we do? Well, the envelope hadn't even been touched. Full. I guess we weren't lacking ideas on how to fill our days.

Is it terrible I'm already counting down until next summer?

What do you love to fill your summer with? Anything your kids (or you) couldn't get enough of this summer?


Bethany said...

What a fun summer!

I am thinking about getting my daughter started on violin and am wondering when would be the best time. She will be 3 in October. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Mindy, so fun to catch up on your summer fun and trip to island park. we went this summer too at the end of june and it was a glorious time to go, we went with jed and jayne. sure wish we could get together sometime, i miss you. we realized as we were driving home from vegas to say good bye to carin and her family--they are off to texas, that already our little archer has been to idaho, montana,wyoming, arizona and nevada in his short 3 months.
it has been a golden summer! we will be heading back to slc soon so we will be closer again. Love, mieka