20 July 2009

Summer fun

Summer is great, isn't it? No school (at least for Jack), a carefree schedule, sleeping in a bit, seeing family more often, and not having to worry about icy roads. Plus, Jeff takes a LOT more days off work than he normally would.

Before Thailand, I leaned more towards liking the colder months than the warm ones. Now, I'm much more accustomed to the heat, although this is a completely different kind of heat. I'd much prefer moist air, but we'll take what we're given.

Here are a few things that are taking up our summer time...

Jane's taken to picking up every potato bug she finds, and there are a lot!

We spent an afternoon walking/riding to our nearby park, which the kids loved. For me, it felt GREAT just being able to get somewhere without having to get in the car.

We've done a session of swimming that the kids have loved. Jack even cruised onto the next level... he's an animal! Jane's a great swimmer, but still learning to actually listen to the teacher. She just wants to SWIM! This is a common scene lately...

Jeff has been reading a lot with the kids. They are cruising through books so fast, I can hardly keep up! One of Jack's favorites was Mr. Pudgins and now they are into the Ramona series that Jeff and I both liked as kids. (Note: Jack is actually wearing pants, hah!)

Jack's been going through audio books during his "quiet time" faster and faster. This week he listened to Tale of Despereaux and Black Beauty and really liked them both. I almost hate that he's going through so many books without me!

I took this picture of Jane in an attempt to capture her sun-kissed cheeks. As much as I like to keep my kids OUT of the sun, I'll admit I love to see a little on her cheeks. I think it makes me feel like they're enjoying all the things that are wonderful about summer... the outdoors, sun, bugs, dirt, and all that good stuff.

I feel so blessed everyday when I look at my kids. And how lucky is Jane to have a SISTER? Few things are better.

Last Saturday we were lucky enough to spend some time in the temple while Jeff's brother, Jason, and his family were sealed to their son, Ethan. It was a special day, and long awaited for! Here's the group outside.

Here's the lucky family: Heidi, Jason, Ellie, and Ethan... now a forever family. They were all laughing at Dad Hillman trying to balance his suitcase on his head. He knows how to get the smiles.

At the luncheon afterward, were were able to visit with family and eat delicious food. I didn't take many pictures, and this one isn't even that great (Alice was ready for her nap!), but I was happy to get a shot of Grandma Munk with Alice. Grandma makes a special blanket for each of her grandkids/great grandkids, so she had brought Alice's down. It's BRIGHT pink with hearts. I love it, and Jane's already tried to claim it as her own!

I feel unworthy to be related to Grandma who can easily whip one of these blankets out in a week. Is this a lost art?

Enjoy your summer!


Emily said...

Hey Mindy, that grandma Munk is amazing! I knew some Munks YEARS ago and lost contact with them. Any chance you know a Bernice Munk who has a daughter Valerie Munk (married name inserted by now I'm assuming)?

Call me Mimi said...

Mindy, your kids missed being able to make "bug jars" with the other g-kids last week. I'll keep your project for your two little ones to make sometime when you come down. The picture of the bugs in Janie's hand reminded me. Love, Mom