29 June 2009

This and that

Summer is fun. I love getting out of our routine a bit (and equally love getting back into it when the time is right), and doing a little of this and a little of that. Here's what we've been doing lately...

Jeff had a concert last night with the Murray Symphony he's recently started playing with. It was really fun to enjoy music in the outdoors and the kids enjoyed the music from movies that they are familiar with. Jeff's loved playing with a group again (it's been since we were in college, 6 years ago!), and I'm sure they're thrilled to have such a good bass player! You can't really see him, but he's on the right, behind Larry, the other bassist.

Kids don't last through entire concerts, at least mine don't, so thanks to my awesome in-laws for coming and helping with them. They went for walks, listened to the river, played with their shadows, read books, and of course, played with sticks, a favorite in our family. The best part was that we could still hear the music through it all.

These kids love their Daddy. Jack was even carrying his backpack in a way that it was like he was carrying a "bass".

Alice's first concert. Despite the yawn, I think she liked it.

Jack had his final Kindergarten concert last week. Jane, Alice and I sat on the front row and Jack was so excited/distracted, I kept having to motion to him to watch his teacher! It was fun to hear these kids sing and recite poetry about the seasons. Jack's had a great experience this year and has made some really fun friends.

Cousin camps have been fun so far this summer. The kids are always thrilled to be together and we can hardly leave without confirming the next time we'll all be together. We lined all the kids up for a fun group shot. This is all 12 of my parents' grandkids. They've done pretty well, I have to say. Joanna was doing something hilarious to get all of these laughs. I probably should have gotten a shot of her too, because she's pretty cute herself.

We walked to the park and had a fun picnic (thanks Jo), and got to visit while the kids played all over the place.

I think this is one of my favorite photos. Vanessa always laughs at Jane's laugh, which is quite unique! This is them doing their "Jane laugh" together. My goodness, my kids are lucky to have such fun (not to mention beautiful) aunts!

We had our Rich family monthly get together last Saturday afternoon. Since it was the day before Father's Day, the kids prepared to sing some "Dad" songs for them. This isn't the greatest picture of the kids and Mimi and Papa, but I think sometimes pictures like this end up being the biggest treasures!

While the adults were visiting, some of the kids decided to put together a rock band. They performed (really) "Eye of the Tiger". Grant (far left) was the singer, while the other kids played guitar and bass, with Andrew (in the background) was on drums in all his beat-boxing glory. I discovered that all of a sudden, Grant can sing! He was adorably monotone for years, which I was a little sad to see is now gone, but probably better for him to have caught on!

My little angel sleeping in her swing, her napping location of choice.

We spent Thursday at Lagoon with the family. I couldn't believe I caught this picture of Jane and Papa on a moving carousel! Jane was one happy girl.

Jack and the cousins loved the bumper cars, just like me and my siblings growing up. They went on it again and again thanks to almost NO line! It's the only way to go to Lagoon... when it's not busy!

Although Jane had some frustrating moments on these cars, she still loved them! I think she'll get better as she gets a bit older. I was impressed all day at how adventurous Jane was. I never know what to expect from this girl. I knew she'd love most of the rides, but thought she'd be nervous about some as well. Nope. She was an animal and wanted to go on EVERYTHING! She laughed and giggled through the entire day!

I love going to Lagoon with my family because we all love to go on rides. It was apparent that we're getting older because near the end of the day, all the adults had hit our "done" point, while the kids were still going strong! At this point, we were ALL still going strong, even after everyone getting soaked (except me and Mimi of course, who so willingly offered to stay with the babies)!

The highlight of our week was attending the Oquirrh Mountain Temple openhouse. Jeff was able to work a morning shift at the temple, then we met him afterward so we could all go through together. I love this temple. I usually feel an attachment to things that I have a long-standing relationship with, but this was different. After driving past it so many times and finally being able to go in, I really feel like this is our temple. It is beautiful. If you get the chance, GO! Get online and get tickets, it's easy and you don't need to be a member to go inside before the dedication.

The kids were in "silly" mode at this point. I love the way Jane's looking at Jack in this. Aren't siblings such a blessing?

Stay tuned for more summer fun coming up!


Marilyn said...

Mindy--I didn't realize you lived close to the new temple! We do too (in fact we get to work our shift there this Friday). Maybe you and I are neighbors! :) We'll have to get our kids together sometime---I think they'd have fun together.

Andrew & Vanessa and kids said...

That post was ADORABLE! You really captured all that's been going on. LOVE the picture of me and Jane. She is a treasure!

Erin Leigh said...

oh mindy dear, i really think you're grand and hey, why haven't we gotten together yet?? you're life is fun! and that little alice kind of melts my heart :)

napa-dipu said...

Mindy, I so much love your pictures you post, you have nice family, Jack & Jane now I look they growing big and so cute too,
Miss you !
Napa & Dipu Sharma