28 February 2008

I'm sure... more than you need to know

My lovely sister, Joanna, has tagged me for a little questionnaire that is sure to tell you many things about me you never wanted to know. I'm the queen of too much information, and here I go again.

20 years ago - I was almost 8 years old (April 28) and was SO excited to get baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I was also practicing a LOT for my first time at the National Fiddle Contest in Weiser, Idaho coming up in June. I was in Ms. Chandler's 2nd grade class and adored her. I remember her reading us books in Chinese and thought she was the coolest. I spent a lot of time doing violin, dance, playing with my friends, and I adored everything my perfect older sisters did. This is me on my baptism day. Isn't my dad a stud?

10 years ago - I was a Senior at Provo High School and ready to be DONE! Although I did love being in Student Government, Choir, and I happily quit the basketball team this year to spend more time with my violin. I had just finished my senior recital (a HUGE deal for me). I auditioned for Ricks College music department (10 years ago exactly) and was SO sick, but was blessed to still be able to pull it off. I was extremely lucky to have so many good friends at this time in my life who helped me learn to appreciate the little things. I also look back and am amazed at my parent's patience with me at this point in my life! I was a good girl, but definitely not a perfect child!

5 years ago - Jeff and I were in our wonderful little 1 bedroom cockroach infested apartment in Logan, Utah while we both attended USU full time. I was teaching 15 students, Jeff was working part time and donating plasma 2x/week, something I was also doing until we got pregnant. I was 7 1/2 months pregnant with Jack (and feeling good!) and was a few days away from giving my senior recital that I was very nervous and excited about. Also, Jeff was getting ready to graduate and the job market was terrible. We said countless prayers that we could find a job he enjoyed that would pay the bills. We were SO excited to start our family!

3 years ago - We were living in our cute little West Jordan home, certain we would be there for years to come, and loving the traditional family life. Jeff had a steady job he liked, we had one adventurous son, and a daughter on the way! Jeff was training for his first marathon and I couldn't have been more excited for him! I was playing with the Orchestra at Temple Square, conducting the ward choir, taking classes online, and loving that I got to stay home and play all day with Jack! Jeff was (and still is) the most supportive and loving husband ever.

1 year ago
- We'd been in our new apartment for almost 2 months after living 2 months in hotels in our new city, Bangkok! We were loving everyday adventures: trying new foods, finding new places to take the kids, exploring markets, and always meeting the most fascinating people! Jeff was called as Elder's Quorum President and I was called to serve as nursery leader. Jane was the perfect and most flexible little girl with moving to such a crazy city, and Jack was enjoying whatever was around the next corner. I had decided on a school for Jack to start attending and wondered how Jane and I would ever survive without Jack to entertain us all day! We were thrilled to be living somewhere that had never even crossed our minds! Bangkok was awesome, and much to everyone's surprise, we did not miss home.

This year - We started this year vacationing in Hong Kong, and it's been great ever since! Jack is loving school, has some really nice friends, and has progressed by leaps and bounds in his swimming class. Jane is a fish as always, loves her playgroups, her nursery class at church, and is my constant sidekick. To the mothers who don't know me at Jack's school, I learned today that I'm described as "the young one who always has her little girl with her". I love exploring new places in the city, finding new treasures at markets, visiting with other parents, taking the kids on outings, and working in the Primary. Jeff keeps busy with work, learning Thai, church work, and being a fantastic husband. We're both enjoying not doing yard work, car maintenance, and hardly any fix-it projects on our rented residence! We are feeling extremely blessed to have found so many dear friends half way across the world.

Yesterday - Gym. Practicing. Take Jack to school. I started out walking from Jack's school to the park, but got nervous when it started to rain and hopped in the first free taxi I could find. Jane and I enjoyed doing some organizing at home, then off to her swim class. I could hardly keep her in my arms, she just wants to swim away on her own! We went to Ocean World for a quick visit where Jack got to hold a snake all by himself, and Janie wanted to as well, but I had to protest on behalf of the snake (she gets a little excited!). We met Jeff for dinner, got the kids to bed, and Jeff and I curled up in bed to read Harry Potter.

Today - Dropped Jack at school and Jane and I headed to the Thursday market with Sukma and Brandon. We found lots of things we "need" and ate sweet popcorn in the taxi on the way home. Chatted online with both of my sisters (one of my favorite things!), and unclogged my toilet shoved full of toilet paper (without a plunger even!), compliments of curious Jane. Fun! Lots of emails and phone calls with Alice, the Primary President (this woman is amazing!). Took Jack to swim class, watched Hairspray, requested by Jack and Janie both, read lots of books, and put the kids to bed. Read and blogged until Jeff got home around 9:30pm from extra meetings for work and church. Now, I'm excited for him to finish dinner so we can catch up and get to sleep! OR, to read a little Harry Potter.

This year - We plan to head to Utah for 3 weeks in April (way excited!), then visit a few other places in Thailand before we head back to Utah for good in November. Jeff and I are planning to run the Salt Lake City half-marathon in April when we're visiting, and we wish we could find Jeff a full marathon in Bangkok in the fall that wasn't on a Sunday. I look forward to moving closer to family and back to a life where my kids have a yard to play in, car seats to sit in, and neighbors that speak English. Also, I miss Target clearance racks, Maverick frozen yogurt and the mountains.

As silly as I always think this "tag" thing is, I do enjoy reading other people's. So, on with the game.

I tag Vanessa, April, and Carol.


Carol said...

Mindy...I REMEMBER your blogs about getting Jack into school!! I can't believe you're coming back home! Should I get you lined up to be back in the Tabernacle with me? It's almost making me cry thinking of having you around again. Hope the transition back to Utah won't be sooo hectic that you'll be able to come play with me on Thursday nights! But keep up the blogging...I have loved every minute I've spent reading about your adventures!

Team Hanni said...

I love this post! I LOVE that you are coming to run in SLC!!!!

Rhiannon Nielsen said...

It will be cool to have you guys back.

Bettie said...

I miss Maverick frozen yogurt, too. They don't have it here in Santa Fe.