03 December 2007


I heard some time ago that there was some sort of performing group within the mission, but until this last weekend, I had yet to actually see them. It seems like I always have just missed them. They perform at the malls, parks, events, etc. but it seems like everyone had heard them but me! I was thrilled when I heard them singing on Friday night at "Journey to Bethlehem", and was equally thrilled that my 2 year old daughter was an instant fan. We sat and listened for a bit, and luckily, I had room on my camera to shoot a few videos. As I was listening to these young men give such a great performance, and seeing the reaction in the faces of the audience, I immediately thought, "have their mothers seen what they are doing here?". When my brother was on his mission, he was interviewed on the radio about the church, and we thought that was the coolest when he sent it home. Although, it was in Spanish, but still it was way fun to hear his voice and know that he was doing great things while he was away from us.

I only talked to these sweet Elders for a few minutes, and until then, I hadn't really met any of them because the missionaries in our ward rarely change due to us being in the International Ward. I was just very touched at their fun presence, their obvious hours of rehearsals, and the way I could clearly see they were loved by all. They specifically recognized their pianist as their "Christmas in July" because they were in desperate need of a piano player, and then guess who showed up? This Elder's family should be particularly rewarded for keeping him in piano lessons, providing an instrument, or just supporting him (not an easy thing to do I'm realizing as I'm teaching my 4 year old violin!). Sounds like he was an answer to many prayers!

If this was my brother or son doing this, I would definitely want to experience it! So, to the mothers and families of these Elders, here's a taste of just some of what your sons have been up to. Thank you for sharing them with us in Thailand!

Most of these songs are in Thai, so probably doesn't mean much to most, but to a lot of the Thais over here, it was awesome to hear these farang guys singing popular Thai music with good Thai accents!

Here's my disclaimer: My camera is anything but professional. Combine that with two kids climbing all over me, and needing to go to the bathroom (of course at separate times!), and it makes for some pretty terrible quality. This recording really doesn't do them justice, but it's something!

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