25 November 2007

Call me Miss Lazy

Anybody else have a FANTASTIC week? We did! We have had SO much fun with Mimi, Papa, and Vanessa, that it's hard to believe that an entire week has passed already. Actually, we have had so much fun, that I am completely exhausted. So, for anyone who actually looks forward to my blog, you will be a bit disappointed. I have high hopes that I can report on at least some of our adventures early this next week, but as for tonight, it's just not happening.

Here's a very short summary of our week together. We saw and interacted with amazing animals, visited the Ancient City, rode elephants, flew to Chiang Mai for four wonderful days, met amazing people ate delicious Thai food, and shopped 'till we dropped. SO fun!

Our sweet Jane has had a rough week. But, THIS day she was extremely happy, so we were making the most of it. She cuddled and kissed Jeff as much as she could, and we got such a kick out of it. Vaness snapped this picture, and I thought it was fun.

I think the elephants were the highlight of our trip to Chiang Mai! Although we rode elephants earlier in the week at the crocodile farm, this was a completely different experience! FANTASTIC! Isn't this picture great of my cute parents? This fulfilled a dream of my Dad's, which made it even more fun. The elephants were amazing. Mine was 34 years old, and you should see his tusks! Wow!

I love my sisters! Having Vanessa here was so much fun. Kind of still feels like a dream, actually. We've had so much fun visiting, playing with the kids, and exploring the city. Sisters are such a blessing. We missed you, Jo!

Talk about NON-traditional Thanksgiving feast! Actually our meal on Thursday was a disaster, so we decided to count this one on Friday as IT. The driver took us to an orchid farm on the way home from the elephant camp and it was amazing. Delicious Thai food, we were the only customers there, and amazingly affordable!

Stay tuned for more to come, hopefully in just a few days or less. We are having too much fun with our family to stop and sit at the computer! We've got lots to share from this past week, but for now, we're enjoying the moment.


Jennifer said...

Dear Mindy-

I do look forward to your blog, but I understand being exhausted. We took a mini family trip and then my sister was in town. She's here for a couple more days too :)

I will check back to catch the details and eventually I will get my blog back up to date too.

So glad you're having a great time!!!!

Team Hanni said...

Cute Pictures!!! You have such a fantastic family. I'm sure you are so happy to see them again. I do look forward to Sundays - to read your blog. You have such a fascinating life right now. Soooo glad you got to have family with your for Thanksgiving. SOOOO AWESOME!

Joanna said...

I miss you, too! I ache to be there with you!

Bart said...

Hey Mindy! I stumbled upon a link to your blog and lo and behold, you're having an awesome, extended adventure in Thailand! How cool is that?

Your kids are cute, and it looks like you're all very happy. I keep thinking my wife and I need to get out and live in a different country or two, and your example confirms it! :)