09 September 2007

Goodbye diaper... Hello Kitty!

I look at this week as either being uneventful and unproductive, or absolutely exhausting and totally effective. It's hard to know what to think when the whole week has been centered on our Jane, who decided she was ready to try the potty. I don't know who is crazier, her for wanting to train so young, or me for actually pursuing it. We got very little else done besides extra laundry, lots of trips to the potty, and watching Dumbo, Jane's favorite. But, she has blown us away with her progress and maturity with the whole potty thing, that makes me think that maybe this week hasn't been wasted.

Isn't she darling? This is her in her "kitties" (Hello Kitty underwear), watching Dumbo and drinking LOTS of fluids. There's something so fun about having her out of those bulky diapers and wearing underwear where you get to see her cute behind. And it's cute.

My friend, Heather, told me of a time when she was talking to another mother about potty training. When this mother asked what Heather's potty training theory was, she said, "I sat Scarlett down and told her if she went wee I'd give her a sweetie!". The lady looked at her and said, "that is the most disgusting thing I've ever heard", and turned around and walked away. So, every time I gave Janie an M&M for performing her duty, I thought of this story and felt like a wonderful mother, of course. But, can't argue with results, right?

My favorite potty moments have been when Jack is home with me and he can celebrate with us! He has taken my original "potty dance" to a new level, adding moves that make Janie laugh so hard, it's a good thing she's still sitting on the potty. Yesterday was our first day with big outings, and Jane was a champ. She even conquered the dreaded squatters. She's my hero. Anyone read Dave Barry? He wrote a hilarious article years back about taking his daughter into a public men's room for the first time, and I couldn't stop thinking of it this week. I was hoping to find it online, but had no success. If anyone has read it, or can find it, please let me know. I remember laughing out loud as I read it, and I didn't even have children yet.

After a week of lots of juice, clean ups, Dumbos, and wet "kitties" (and she actually asks Kitty if she's okay when she gets her wet), we can look back and smile because of all the successes, potty dances, and high fives that have made it actually quite fun. What a week.

Even during potty week, life goes on...

Occasionally, Jack will get himself started on some computer games in the office. I love it when Jane pulls up the ottoman and stands there to watch. It's fun to come around the corner and see them quietly enjoying this together.

A doll, isn't she? I love that toothy grin. Anybody else just want to EAT their children?

I've mentioned before how much Jack loves school, but he does NOT like the bus. We started something new this week. I take him to school in the morning, he rides the bus home, and it works GREAT. It's more money(taxi fare) and an extra hour in the morning, but my boy is happier, and I get a chance to visit with more parents at the school, which is always a treat. So, we are moving into a new phase that I think will work even better.

This is us in the tuk-tuk on the way to school one day. We can't take this everyday, but when it's available, the driver is so nice to take us there!

Jack does "quiet time" instead of a nap most days now. He usually spends his time reading, listening to books on CD, or just playing in the play room. This day, he marched into the play room with cardboard, paper clips, and his rope. I decided I'd better check it out. He instructed me on how to put this thing together (I still don't know what it is), but he knew exactly how everything should go together. Here it is! I explained to him what an inventor is, and he thought that was the coolest thing ever, so I think he was going for inventing something. I haven't seen one of these before, have you? You should see this kid tie knots now-a-days. Pretty impressive.

Janie LOVES pizza. She asked for it all day Friday and seemed so surprised when we didn't have it. So, we ordered pizza that night to celebrate her potty successes! This was her and Jack with fully tummies.

Jack wanted to wear Jeff's mp3 player after he got back from his run. It doesn't fit around his arm, so he decided the leg was a good alternative. This is his running pose.

Saturday, we went to a new park in the morning. It was SO hot, and we couldn't find the place to rent the bikes, so we just walked around a bit and ate coconut milk ice cream, delicious! The kids were in heaven when they saw this broken sprinkler head. It took them hours to dry off, but they were happy and cool! Isn't this park beautiful?

Saturday night, we met some friends for dinner. Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures except this one of Jack and Sasha playing. This is one of our favorite restaurants. Not because of the food ("it's rubbish" as Heather says), but because there are toys there for the kids! We met this family at Scarlett's birthday party and decided to get together. They moved from Arizona and are here with the Embassy. They are having a rough time with the transition, but are so great, and we enjoyed spending the evening with them, and plan to get together again soon. It was fun to talk with Americans (well, Liza, the mother, is actually Russian, but she is more American than most here!), and find parents who have similar values as we have.

Jack and Sasha played together at the restaurant for 3 hours!

Other favorite moments in the week:

1. Hearing bumping noises coming out of Jack's closet, only to have him appear moments later in his superman pajamas, in full superman character.

2. Surprising Jane by tickling her, and thinking her mouthful of sticky rice was going to come out of her nose.

3. Jack was supposed to bring his favorite toy to show and tell on Monday. What would you think my boy would choose? His rope with a magnet he taped on the end. The possibilities are endless with this toy, if you didn't know.

4. Jane started swimming lessons again, and it took her all of 3 seconds to remember how much she loves the water. I LOVE swimming with her. She is learning how to come up and get a breath before going back under. The second she comes up, she says, "again!". Where did this girl come from?

5. At the restaurant on Saturday, I ordered Jeff's dinner for him while he was playing with the children. I asked for the hamburger. The waiter looked right at me and said, "we don't have hamburgers..." (I was very confused, because I was looking right at it on the menu!) "... we only have beef burgers".

So, I continue my quest for going out of the house minus diapers and wipes. I know the journey has only begun. And what's funny to me is that it's NOT easier to be rid of the diaper stuff. I've traded in a diaper and wipes for an extra pair of shorts, a shirt, plastic bag, towel (just in case we are in a taxi!), extra "kitties", AND a diaper and wipes. I feel like I'm leaving for a week every time I leave the house! The things we do as mothers... good thing she's so worth it.


salmon.tara@gmail.com said...

Mindy! You are such a cute mom! I love reading your stories you tell about your darling children.

Jennifer said...

Mindy - This is cousin Jennifer. My Jessica ( 3yrs. 5 months) has been REFUSING to potty train. She can do it, but doesn't ever WANT to. I'm so sick of it that I'm making her have a "potty day" with the juice and mommy time and NOT going anywhere (until soccer practice for brothers). I showed her the picture of Jane and I'm hoping she'll find success SOON.

Bettie said...

Hey! I have to agree that I want to eat Eva's cheeks when she smiles her toothy grin! Thanks for writing my on my blog. I moved to Santa Fe August 11ish. So this is all new to us. It's crazy here. I'm working and Bryce is Mom. It's a huge adjustment. I'll talk to you more later. Sounds like you're doing great! take care.

Esther said...


Thanks so much for the blog! I love hearing about your adventures. It makes me feel closer to you all even though you are far! Love you all! Your children are so cute!

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