02 July 2007

It takes HOW LONG?

Busy, busy week and fun, fun, fun! We are NOW in Utah with our families and it is oh, so nice! We spent the early part of the week doing fairly normal stuff and in between we were packing like crazy!

Here is Jane on her last day of swim class. This face pretty much describes how she is all the time when we swim. She LOVES it and is doing so well! I can't wait for the fall!

The day before we left was of course, the craziest. Jack didn't have school because it was parent/teacher conferences. This is him with his teachers, Gilly and Nat. He's also showing off his rocket he made with legos while we were visiting. What a cool kid.

With no school that day, we decided to get together with Jack's friends at the Paragon. We went bowling, which of course the kids loved. Although every chance these boys got, they were wrestling and practicing their Tae Kwon Do moves on each other. They all took their turns conquering and retreating, but overall had a GREAT time being rough and tough boys. Even in the bowling ally.

We went to a play area and then finished off at Swenson's for some ice cream! From the left: Graham (Dylan's Dad), Dylan, Heather (Scarlett's Mom), Scarlett, Jack, Oliver, Me, and Jane. After 8 dripping bowls of ice cream and one broken glass, I'm sure everyone was ready for us to get out of that crowded shop!

It was nice to have a fun day right before we left because the kids were completely worn out. I had them asleep by 6pm! And it was a good thing because our taxis were there to pick us up for the airport at 3:45 the next morning.

This is us checking our bags in at the airport. We were quite the entourage.

The kids were in amazingly good spirits at about 4:30am when we were going through the many lines and filling out the appropriate paperwork. Jane loved dangling on the divider poles, and Jack loved rearranging them. Sometimes I feel like we are a circus wherever we go!

The first leg of our flight was to Tokyo, about a 6 hour flight. Don't let this picture fool you, they only slept for an hour on this plane, but were generally happy to be there.

Our second flight was about 9 hours to San Francisco. It was a LONG flight, but we were amazed at how well the kids did. They were cooperative and happy. We walked laps around the plane, watched movies, loaded (and unloaded) pez dispensers, played with playdough, colored, and the kids slept for about 4 hours. The hard part was that they slept in our arms, so Jeff and I got NO sleep the whole leg! But, we watched more movies on this plane than we've seen in months, so that was kind of fun! Plus, how often do I get to hold one of my sleeping babies? I was exhausted, but I loved every minute of it.

We had our longest wait in San Francisco, about 4 hours. As you can see, the kids were doing pretty well. Janie was yelling "giddy-up!" and Jack was a perfect horse. It was at about this time that I started feeling dizzy from fatique. Luckily, a family from our ward was also traveling on our same flights, so we got to visit with them. Their youngest son, Noah, played with the kids almost the whole time. They saved us!

The flight to SLC from San Francisco was a little rough because we were all so exhausted and it was delayed, but after about 26 hours of traveling, we made it! It was so wonderful to be back in the USA and be greeted by both sets of parents. What a treat!

We've enjoyed fun-filled days since we got home, but are still really struggling with jet-lag, although it hasn't been nearly as bad as we had anticipated. This picture is a great example of how we've all felt since we arrived. Either sleeping or wanting to sleep, although sometimes our bodies won't even let us when we can! I read somewhere that you should allow the same number of days to recover, for as many hours time difference you change. We changed 13 hours. We're only here for 16 days. Hmmm... Let's hope that's not accurate.

We enjoyed visiting with my Grandma Rich on Friday afternoon. She's 96 and still doing amazingly well! I was really looking forward to seeing my Grandma. After Jack was born, I lived close enough to her to visit once a week. She saw Jack grow up more than almost anyone, so she definitely holds a special place in our hearts.

It was during our visit with Grandma, that we realized Christian and Jane have a special thing going. They play so cute together. It's hard to know who's enjoying themselves more.

Friday night, we got together with Jason and Heidi, as well as Jason and Jeff's childhood best friend, Jeff and his family. It was a lot of fun to visit, eat, and play at our favorite park!

Janie was so funny when she saw Jason for the first time, which was the night we arrived. We kept thinking she was confusing him with Jeff, and tried to tell her and point out who Daddy really was, but she didn't seem to mind. She just kept on going to Jason, just as much as Jeff, and occasionally calling him Daddy too! She's acted quite pleased to have two Daddys to take care of her. It will be fun to see if she keeps this up.

We've enjoyed a Hillman reunion, lots of cousin time, a wedding reception, going to church with my parents, meeting my little brother's new friend (woo-woo!), and a nice, relaxing Sabbath Day. We took more pictures, but they were either fuzzy, or it was after our camera started acting up. We are taking it in tomorrow, so wish us better luck than we had with our computer!

Loves from the USA!

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BYU Fish said...

I hope you haven't left Utah County yet! I sure would hate to have missed you. Tour ended on Tuesday. What a ride! And no, it wasn't a vacation...but the experience outweighs the fatigue my body is experiencing! Hope to see you before you head back.