11 March 2007

Germs? Nah!

We have had a wonderful, very low-key week. It is one of the first weeks that we haven't had company for dinner at least once! It was a nice break, but now we are ready to get back to our normal busy life. Although, I have realized over and over again since we arrived here, that our life is busy in a completely different way. It takes a very long time to get anywhere here, so everything ends up being completely exhausting and time-consuming. But, I have not been nearly as consumed by callings, planning, rehearsals, school, activities, etc. as I was before. It's been nice to realize that doing less actually makes me be able to enjoy the things that I am doing a lot more. My real joy is found in being with my amazing husband, and two adorable kids!

On that note, Jack and I got to go on a very special date on Saturday. Jeff and I have realized how fun it is to have one on one time with each of the children, so we are now taking turns taking Jack and Janie out at different times. It is always fun for all of us! Jeff took Janie shopping and Jack and I got to go to a very anticipated movie, Charlotte's Web. When Jack and I first started reading chapter books, this was our first and he loved it, just like I had hoped. Then he received it as a gift from Santa, so we read it again! He loved it even more! The movie didn't open in Bangkok until just this month, and this was the first chance we had, so it was very exciting!

We had some lunch, then went to Central World (Trade Center) to the NICE theaters! And wow, they were nice!

This isn't a hotel, this is one of the lobby areas! There were people just sitting around reading newspapers! They brought Jack a special cushion to sit on so he could see the screen easier, and the concessions were the same prices as the grocery store! Jack loved the movie and got so excited as each character came out. I was impressed that the movie was straight from the book, with just a couple of added characters, but even several word for word phrases. Of course, there is a lot of wisdom in this book, I highly recommend it. I kept watching Jack's reaction to each event and character, especially near the end when Charlotte died. I could see it hit Jack when he realized what was happening, and he turned to me with tears in his eyes and asked, "why does Charlotte have to die?". The movie dwells on this a lot more than the book, so it hit him pretty hard. He cried softly in my arms for the rest of the movie. I was so touched that Jack understood and was sensitive to this, but it also made me cry to watch my son discover something 3 year olds don't usually think about. But, it did give us an opportunity to talk about some very important things, so it was turned out to be very positive. He is definitely just a little boy in every way, but he seems to understand some things amazingly well. Anutra talks about how Jack is an old man in a young body because he is so bright. I definitely agree after this experience.

Jack and I caught a truck taxi on the way home from the train, he thought this was the coolest. They are actually easier to find on our soi than a taxi, and a little bit cheaper, and Jack was exhausted, so we decided to do it as a fun treat.

Saturday evening, we all had a fun time with our friends eating MEXICAN food! That is definitely the cuisine we have missed the most, so we were thrilled to find out that there is a Mexican restaurant out in the suburbs by the Strate's home. We got together with them and the Selways for dinner and finished with desert and games at their apartment after. We traveled for an hour to get there and 1/2 hour back, just to be with our friends. How many times have we NOT wanted to drive out of West Jordan for this same thing, thinking it's too far? This is definitely changing our perspective on things! Every second in that taxi was worth it! We are so grateful to have friends that we enjoy so much, and the kids get along so well!

This is Jane playing with Jake while the adults were playing games. She LOVES Jake, and he wants a baby sister so bad, so this works out really well. Every time I am with Jake, I just want to take him home with me! Janie had fallen down the wood stairs onto a tile floor not long before this picture was taken, so Jake was sure a big help! Luckily, Janie is the toughest girl I know. I guess having an older brother and parents that like to wrestle encourages that a bit. I actually started teaching Jake violin this week, so I am happy to have that time with him each week. He is just a good kid, inside and out.

Earlier in the week, we had the monthly luncheon with the "city sisters" from the ward. There were 5 of us, with 5 kids. Mary Jane, Som, and I met earlier so we could let the kids play before we ate lunch at the Emporium. These three are quite the little trio. Here they were playing one of our favorite games, "red light, green light".

Jane and Jack love this play place at the Emporium. We come here fairly regularly to burn excess energy, and let them play with new kids. Jane watched Jack climb the pole one time, and since has LOVED to hang onto it and drop off onto the padded floor. She is a little monkey, always wanting to dangle from things! One day, at the Children's museum, there was a booth on bats. There was a bar that you could hang on and a timer to tell you how long you hung on for. I put Jack up there, and he held on for 19 seconds, which I thought was pretty good! Janie ( 2 1/2 years younger) hung on for 14 seconds! And, I think now, she could do a lot longer! It's pretty exciting when they can just roll around on the floor and have it be comfortable, because carpet is rare here. Our entire apartment is hardwood and tile, and we don't have rugs yet, (the main reason I let my little monkeys jump on the beds). So, here they can fall all over and not get hurt. Janie has also perfected her somersault, and loves the zipline, which she loves to slide down by herself. She surprises all of us daily with how adventurous she can be!

Janie, in general, has really grown up just in the last 2 weeks! She is talking and signing more than ever. She is hitting the "parrot" stage, where she will repeat (or at least try to repeat) almost anything. She has the sweetest little voice, and I love how well she can communicate with her words and signs. I didn't realize it until someone pointed it out to me, that she is really learning three languages at once. She says several Thai words, many English, and does just as many, if not more, signs. She seems to just pick whatever is easier in whatever language and use that. Sometimes it's a combination of two. We are thrilled with how well she is picking up on any of it! She is such a little sweetheart, and gets SO much attention wherever we go. All the staff here stops whatever they are doing when Janie or Jack walks by. They hope to get a Janie greeting, "ku kah!" (her version of hello in Thai) with the traditional wai. Everyone melts, including me!

This video is the traditional home movie. Bad photography, unnecessary talking, and not everything went like it should, but it is priceless to US! If you are one of those parents who worries a lot about your kids and germs, this might drive you crazy. I am a pretty laid back mom, and my kids have awesome immune systems, maybe this is why? We took this last month sometime, but thought you would still enjoy it. I LOVE watching my kids interact and enjoy each other like this. There is nothing like having a sibling! So, thanks Mom and Dad for giving me three!


Nate said...

Hi Mindi and family,

Just wanted to tell you that Melanie and I laughed so hard at that vacuum video. Glad you're all still doing well. We'll be welcoming our second little rugrat into the world in the next couple weeks. We'll be sure to send pictures when he gets here!

Take Care!

Mindy said...

Nate, we're glad you enjoyed the video! We are SO excited for your little one to arrive. Tell Melanie we are thinking about her!

Anonymous said...

All the best with Jack's schooling :-) Yong

Esther said...

WOW! I have only been able to get to know your family for a little while, but reading this, I miss you all so much! Jack and Janie are so adorable! I hope your week is full of fun!

Pinkamon said...

Hello Mindy, I just got a chance to read all of your blogs :-)

You guys visited several places in BKK, this is so cool !.

Jack and Janie are so cute, I love the valentine VDO and , of course, this one, too.
I'm waiting for a new VDO. :D

..... Pink ......

Jason & Shannon Salmon said...

Your family is so cute. What an amazing experiance! I can't believe how big your kids are getting! That video is so cute!